Dometic VD-152, Large Vertical Evaporator, Without Door, Self-Seal QC

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Dometic VD-152, Large Vertical Evaporator, Without Door, Self-Seal QC

VD-152, Large Vertical Evaporator, Without Door, Self-Seal QC

Top-of-the-line systems designed for complete reliability, even in the toughest tropical weather conditions, updated with a quick fit system for easy do-it-yourself hookup and removal without the assistance and expense of a refrigeration tech. Since pioneering marine 12V refrigeration systems more than 25 years ago, Adler/Barbour has continued to use the latest available technology to make these systems the most reliable of their kind. Both the Air-Cooled CU-100 and Air/Water-Cooled CU-200 use the high-performance Danfoss BD50F compressor, with up to 25% better cooling performance than the BD35F in the same size footprint!

How to Create a ColdMachine or Super ColdMachine System

Now you can custom configure a refrigeration system to your boat, taking into account available ice box space and the conditions in which you’ll use your boat. First, select the compressor/condensing unit that matches your performance requirements: the Air-Cooled CU-100 is excellent for temperate climates, while the Air/Water-Cooled CU-200 is the one to choose if you’re headed for the tropics.

Select an evaporator style that matches your box best. Evaporators include all parts necessary to create a complete system, including the thermostat, mounting hardware, ice cube trays and owner’s manual. For installation flexibility, compressors may be installed up to 15' from the evaporator plate. Dimensions are listed for each component.

Note: The CU-100 and CU-200 Cold Machines cannot be used with evaporators manufactured prior to January 2001. One-year warranty.

VD-152 Large Vertical Evaporator for CU-100 Air-Cooled ColdMachine and CU-200 Air/Water-Cooled Super ColdMachine Systems
Cooling volumes up to approx. 15 cu. ft. with 3" of insulation.

Compatible with ColdMachine Condensers:

Compatible Condensors

Front Loading Ice Boxes
CU-100 or CU-200 Compressor/Condenser Units


Up to 15 Cubic Feet with 3" of Insulation

Condenser Cooling



12 lbs


12" Width x 15" Height x 6" Depth

Plumbing Connections

Quick-Connect Couplings

Refrigeration Component





One Year
pdf-logo.jpg DIY Refrigeration Install Manual
WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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Catalog Sales Parts: 1-year warranty from date of purchase. Labor: 6 months from date of purchase. Not to exceed three (3) years from the date of manufacture. OEM or Dealer Installed 1-year warranty, parts and labor. Not to exceed three (3) years from the date of manufacture.