•  [88100]

    Weld Mount


    Polybonder Kit with AT-880 AdhesiveKit Contains:AT-880 Polybonder Adhesive (1)Dispensing Gun (1)Mixing Tips (qty 10)AT-5W (qty 30)Plano Case

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  •  [AT-388]

    Weld Mount


    AT-388 Dispensing GunThe AT-388 Adhesive dispensing gun comes with a 10:1 plunger.For Use With 50mL Cartridges of:AT-880Note: The AT-388 will ONLY work with the AT-880 Polypropylene Adhesive Cartridge.  The AT-880 is a 10:1 mix ratio with a...

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  •  [AT-880]

    Weld Mount


    AT-880 PolyBonder Adhesive - SingleWeld Mount AT-880 is designed to bond plastics, metals, and rubbers; which have been challenging to bond to, in the past.  AT-880 excels at bonding materials like HDPE, such as King Starboard ™.  You'll...

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  • Attwood Boater's Dry Storage Box [11834-1]

    Attwood Marine

    Attwood Boater's Dry Storage Box [11834-1]

    Boater's Storage BoxKeep your maps, electronics, and other equipment safe while on the water. Perfect for use on the boat, at the dock, at home or in the field. Our O-ring lid is water-resistant and helps to seal out moisture (not intended to be 100%...

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  • Davis Deluxe Rigging Knife [1551]

    Davis Instruments

    Davis Deluxe Rigging Knife [1551]

    Deluxe Rigging KnifeMade entirely of top quality stainless steel with dura-edged blades. Telo Rigging knives are tools that yachtsmen will be proud to own, yet are affordable.Deluxe Rigging Kinfe comes with a marlin spike, shackle key, and screwdriver.

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  • Davis Snap Tool Multi-Key [382]

    Davis Instruments

    Davis Snap Tool Multi-Key [382]

    Snap Tool Multi-KeyA deck plate with attitude! HandyUniversalStainless SteelStrongPerfect for:FishingHikingClimbingBoatingBikingCampingSailingTailgatingRV Brochure (pdf)

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  • GROCO Spanner Wrench\/Deck Plate Key [SW-2531]


    GROCO Spanner Wrench/Deck Plate Key [SW-2531]

    Spanner Wrench/Deck Plate Key Features:Cast bronze with stainless steel pins to fit 1/4" and 5/16" holes.Opens to service deck plates or strainer caps with key holes up to 7" apart.Hangs conveniently near the strainer(s) location. C83600...

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  • GROCO Thru-Hull Installation Tool [THT-530]


    GROCO Thru-Hull Installation Tool [THT-530]

    Thru-Hull Installation Tool Thru Hull Installation ToolThe Concept:THT-530 makes the installation of standard GROCO thru-hull fittings possible by a single installer.  Slide the thru-hull fitting, flanged end first, over the tool.  (It...

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