• Mustang Signal Whistle - Orange *10-Pack [MAWSTL10-2-0-101]

    Mustang Survival

    Mustang Signal Whistle - Orange *10-Pack [MAWSTL10-2-0-101]

    Signal Whistle - Orange *10-PackThe signal whistle's sound can travel further than a human voice and other noises even if the perceived level of volume is similar.  Using a whistle requires much less energy than yelling or other means of signaling...

  • Innovative Lighting Handheld Electric Horn - Blue [545-5010-7]

    Innovative Lighting

    Innovative Lighting Handheld Electric Horn - Blue [545-5010-7]

    HandHeld Electric Horn - BlueThe Hand Held Electric Horn features a weatherproof build and shock resistant construction. Meets all US Coast Guard requirements.Features:Solid state electronics Shock resistant construction Size: 7" high x 2.75" wide Meets...

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  • Scotty 780 Lifesaver #1 Safey Whistle [0780]


    Scotty 780 Lifesaver #1 Safey Whistle [0780]

    780 Lifesaver #1 Safey WhistleFeatures:The world’s most advanced all-purpose Lifesaver Safety #1 Whistle designed by search and rescue professionalsDesigned synthetic peas will not absorb moisture or freezeABS plastic will not stick to mouth in...

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  • ACR Survival Res-Q Whistle w\/18" Lanyard [2228]

    ACR Electronics

    ACR Survival Res-Q Whistle w/18" Lanyard [2228]

    Survival Res-Q™ Whistle w/18" LanyardFeatures:Gets attention!Loud, shrill, dual tone audible from great distanceUnique flat design prevents holding waterRequired by SOLAS 8318" lanyard includedMeets USCG/SOLAS requirementsAids in land or sea...

    $7.33 $5.99