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  •  [88100]

    Weld Mount


    Polybonder Kit with AT-880 AdhesiveKit Contains:AT-880 Polybonder Adhesive (1)Dispensing Gun (1)Mixing Tips (qty 10)AT-5W (qty 30)Plano Case

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  •  [AT-388]

    Weld Mount


    AT-388 Dispensing GunThe AT-388 Adhesive dispensing gun comes with a 10:1 plunger.For Use With 50mL Cartridges of:AT-880Note: The AT-388 will ONLY work with the AT-880 Polypropylene Adhesive Cartridge.  The AT-880 is a 10:1 mix ratio with a...

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  •  [AT-880]

    Weld Mount


    AT-880 PolyBonder Adhesive - SingleWeld Mount AT-880 is designed to bond plastics, metals, and rubbers; which have been challenging to bond to, in the past.  AT-880 excels at bonding materials like HDPE, such as King Starboard ™.  You'll...

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  • 303 Bilge Cleaner  Deodorizer - 32oz [30575]


    303 Bilge Cleaner Deodorizer - 32oz [30575]

    Bilge Cleaner & Deodorizer - 32oz303® Bilge Cleaner & Deodorizer is a safe, easy and environmentally friendly way to clean out the dirty bilge and keep your boat odor free.  This product quickly dissolves sludge, grease, oil and gas,...

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  • 303 Boat Wash w\/UV Protectant - 32oz [30586]


    303 Boat Wash w/UV Protectant - 32oz [30586]

    Boat Wash with UV Protectant - 32ozGot a dirty boat? 303 Ultra Concentrated Boat Wash is proven to remove dirt, grime, and salt accumulation with ease, taking your boat back to that brand new shine. Worried about the environment?  303 Boat wash is...

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