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Marine Air Conditioning

A marine air conditioner can cool or heat your boat. When properly sized It can provide efficient comfort anywhere you go. Whether you need a self contained unit or a split system, measuring the area to be cooled is important. The rule of thumb on a simple calculator is to multiply the length and width of each room to be conditioned to determine the square footage (A*B=Sq.Ft.), then multiply the square footage by corresponding factor. (see Below)

(Ex. Sq.Ft.* Factor= Capacity (BTU's))            

Environment :         Moderate Tropical  

  • Below Deck           60           80
  • Mid Deck               90           120
  • Above Deck         120         150

Marine Chargers

Going out on the water and using your boats accessories can likely drain your batteries. If you’ve ever had issues powering accessories over a full day of boating, you likely realized you needed a marine battery charger. Marine battery chargers are used to keep your boat's batteries charged at all times in order to keep the bilge pumps, lights, radio and other boat accessories continually running. Choosing a marine charger depends on the size of your boat's batteries and type. The correct rate of charging is based on the battery capacity, which you determine from the amp hour or "Ah" rating listed on the battery. A safe charging rate accepted within the industry is about 10-15 percent of the Ah capacity (Ex: Ah*.20%= Adc rate). So if you have a battery with an Ah of 100 then a 20Amp charger would be adequate (100Ah * .20% = 20 Adc rate)

Marine Thrusters

A marine thruster is a propulsion device located at the bow or stern of your boat that provides lateral thrust making the vessel more maneuverable mainly while parallel docking. Marine thrusters are used for propulsion, maneuvering and steering, attitude control and dynamic positioning. When choosing a thruster you should consider these points:

  • The boat's length
  • Bow shape and interior space
  • Wind factors where you commonly dock
  • Power used AC or DC?

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