Viking Pro 6 Person Offshore RescYou Liferaft Valise Pack

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Viking Pro 6 Person Offshore RescYou Liferaft Valise Pack

RescYou Pro - The Ultimate 6 Person Liferaft 

VIKING's RescYou Pro, the first self-righting liferaft launched in the yachting markets, has been hailed market's best by independent sources. The ultra fast and reliable self-righting function has been transferred from VIKING SOLAS liferafts.

The liferaft has been updated with important new features. We think in detail to make it easier to board and reduce discomforts during stay such as seasickness, hypothermia and the cold. We have also made every effort to improve visibility. The new fluorescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a distance and the two new windows with curtains provide the liferaft with a 360 degree outlook on the horizon.


  • Fluorescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a distance
  • 2 windows with curtains provide view of the horizon which minimizes seasickness and eases lookout for rescuers without opening the liferaft
  • Blue inner lining calms and reduces seasickness (feature required on SOLAS liferafts)
  • Handle placed to ease boarding
  • Automatically self-righting guarantees upright inflation within seconds
  • Two oversized entrances provide easy boarding and cross ventilation
  • Highly visible inflatable boarding ramp with ladder
  • Additional entrance, equipped with boarding ladder, provides water egress, direct access from boat and helicopter evacuation from within
  • Easy slide zips offer the ability to increase freeboard
  • Five separate air chambers
  • Sea anchor, rescue quoit, buoyant knife, internal and external life lines
  • Four 60 liter, quick filling, weighted ballast bags over maximum stability
  • Fitted with SOLAS grade, high visibility retro-reflective tape
  • Automatic SOLAS/USCG exterior strobe light and interior light
  • Integral inflatable double door provide thermal protection
  • Spacious canopy offers generous headroom, increased interior volume
  • Fitted with Type E offshore equipment pack
  • SO 9650 certified, ISAF approved and third party verified by BV and DNV




Inshore/Offshore Offshore
Weight (lbs.) 90.4
Stowed Dimensions (in.) 33.1" x 16.9" x 15"

 pdf-logo.jpg Viking RescYou Pro Brochure

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3 year recommended service interval