Mabru SC4.2 115V 60HZ Copper Fin

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Mabru SC4.2 115V 60HZ Copper Fin
Mabru Marine SC 4.2 115V 60hz self contained mini air conditioning 


 We are proud to introduce COPPER FIN technology to our line of Self Contained Marine Air Conditioners. Easy to install, Compact, Copper Antimicrobial Evaporators Coils, B30 CuNi Condensers and more. All units come with: Copper Antimicrobial Evaporators, B30 Condensing Coil, Heat and Cool, Digital Touch Control, High Static Pressure Blowers, Water and Air Flow safety sensors and lifetime warranty on compressors.

Introducing the World's Smallest Marine Air Conditioner!

The Mabru Marine SC 4.2 115V 60Hz Self Contained Air Conditioner is recommended for sailboats and powerboats. It is ideal for helms, mezzanines, crew cabins and guest cabins. The unit utilizes R134A refrigerant to be very quiet and reliable. The 20 year rated CuNi 70/30 condensing coil Mabru uses is very strong and durable compared to the competitors 10 years rated CuNi 90/10 condensing coil. This unit will run and start on a Honda EU1000 generator in eco-mode. The unit has a Multi-speed blower with auto mode, an internal motor for a more compact installation footprint. The blower can be rotated to a horizontal or vertical position for greater installation flexibility. The Compact Self Contained unit by Mabru is built on an easy to plumb stainless steel drain pan, and the return air filter is removable for easy cleaning. You will operate the unit with the included LCD Digital color Control (Chrome Bezel also included). For added installation convenience, the electrical box can be mounted remotely. 

SC 4.2 115V 60Hz Mabru Marine self contained mini air conditioning

MFG# MPS420011560


  • Life time warranty on the compressor 
  • 2 years warranty on the unit
  • 1-year parts 
  • Lower cost to buy and maintain, much more reliable!
  • Super high efficiency by design​
  • Quiet.. our units will not disturb your sleep
  • Anodized evaporators standard
  • Stainless steel chassis, welded drains
  • High static pressure ball bearings blowers with auto mode
  • Digital control Vimar bezel compatible standard
  • 20 years rated 70/30 CuNi water cool condenser
  • Remote Electrical Box for easy mounting
  • Very simple installation
  • Insulated multi-speed, high static pressure fan blower with auto mode and round duct adapter flange
  • Digital control with chromed bezel, network cable, and remote temp sensor
  • Larger evaporator with anodized aluminum fins deliver better heat transfer
  • This unit will run and start on a Honda EU1000 generator in eco-mode


  • Model No. SC 4.2
  • Cooling capacity: Btu/h 4200
  • Heating capacity: Btu/h 4500
  • Power source: 115V-60Hz
  • Amp Draw (A): Cooling 3.5
  • Heating 4.2
  • Airflow (CFM): H/M/L 300 , 200, 100
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Dimension(in): Height 9.25
  • Width 13.8
  • Depth 7.5
  • Minimum Air Duct Size Φ(mm): 4 inch
  • Seawater pipe: 5/8”
  • Net Weight (lb): 29.4
  • Minimum Return Air Grille Size (in): 64 Sq
  • Minimum Supply Air Grille Size (in): 16

 pdf-logo.jpg Mabru SC4.2 Spec Sheet

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Life time warranty on the compressor 2 year warranty on the unit 1 year warranty on parts